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Session 0913-0749: Get Me Bodied - The Therapy Sessions of The Absolut Jayarie
From the book entitled: "Why I Need Therapy: A Tale of Me and My Many Moments"
Session 0913-0749: Get Me Bodied
First off, one should never fall in love with his twin brother's ex-boyfriend. That is usually a no-no. Even though they have broken up, Davey has remote feelings still for Eric. And with me having feelings for Davey, it is a confusing situation (to say the least). Eric, on the other hand, has no interest in being with Davey at all (except, maybe, for sex). Davey and I have been friends for a while. Even when I told Eric I liked him, Eric was very passive and nonchalant; there's only one guy the two of us would fight over and in reality, neither one of us will get that guy. But it's odd (to me, at least): Davey and I talk on the phone (internationally, as he's from England) at least two-three hours per day, and on the computer most of the day, and whenever he is going through something, I am usually the first one he tells. All this communication has just confused me to no end. I want Davey. Of all the boys in my life now, I want Davey. It's that simple, yet that hard! And to add to the turmoil, I suddenly have little interest in talking to my brother. *Shrugs* He called last night - after Davey confessed he still had feelings for Eric - and I just watched the phone ring until it went to voicemail.

Today is my first day at work. I am excited. I am nervous. I can't wait to start working again. I hope everyone there likes me. Mama raised a good boy.

I have NO MONEY!

And that's all I care to write today.
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