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Session 0612-1044: Andrew - The Therapy Sessions of The Absolut Jayarie
From the book entitled: "Why I Need Therapy: A Tale of Me and My Many Moments"
Session 0612-1044: Andrew
Karma is a bitch.

Because I haven't updated this journal in a while, I'll give a brief description of Andrew and what went down.

I met Andrew on Gay.com a few weeks ago. We chatted for a while, nothing too major, exchanged MySpace addresses, and decided to keep in touch. One night I responded to one of his bulletins and we began chatting again. He invited me to Santa Rosa, I met him and his friends, and things took off from there. Within a week we were close as fuck and were spending a lot of time together talking and hanging out. I wanted to keep my birthday low-key, but he insisted on coming out and hanging with me. I was excited. Then suddenly, the day before my birthday, he just flipped the script. He said he was too busy with life to hang out with me and things were crazy. I couldn't understand it (and still don't). He went to Costa Rica for a week, then came back and things were just fucked up by then. We talked, never about what was going on, but like two people who don't really want to talk to each other usually communicate. Now Ray, Andrew's best friend Jared's boyfriend, e-mailed me with "condolences" about how he's heard what has happened and he feels horrible about it. What the fuck, man?! What the fuck?!

I wish this could all just go away. I wish that Andrew would make up his mind. Perhaps he has and I am the only one who hasn't figured it out yet.
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