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Session 0117-0443: The Residence - The Therapy Sessions of The Absolut Jayarie
From the book entitled: "Why I Need Therapy: A Tale of Me and My Many Moments"
Session 0117-0443: The Residence
I am stressing out.

I have a few days left before I finally Iraq. I haven't decided if I am going to rent a room, share an apartment/house, or get my own place once I return. The easiest option would be to get my own inexpensive apartment in Fairfield and be content. Renting a room in Fairfield is about the same as getting a one-bedroom apartment in a not-so-great neighborhood; the nicer apartment I want is a little over $1100/month. Granted I am paid about $1500/month to live off base and I'd be able to cover everything (including utilities) with the $1500. I wanted to save some of that money and not dip into my base pay for a savings account. 95% of the people I have questioned have said that my own place would be the best option, even the tightwads and penny-pinchers. Since I am not going to be in school this semester, I am definitely going to get a part-time job to help save money. Maybe I am looking too deep into this, but I can't help being obsessive, especially when the place I choose will be mine for the next six months. And I was at one time concerned about furnishing the place, but then I realized I'd probably only spend 25%-30% of my time there and most of that will be sleeping between jobs. *Shrugs* I was salivating over Bridgeport Ranch but the floorplan I want isn't available. Rolling Oaks is my second choice. The Summit at Paradise Valley is third.

I am going to miss my friends out here. Kourtney and I have become incredibly close. Me and Erica are close, too. Me and my new friend are cool, too. He came to my room looking for me when he thought I was off. We always joke about San Francisco and the fun we've had there. I'm getting kicked out my room on Wednesday and should be flying out by Friday. THANK YOU JESUS!

Rashaud asked me to change my travel plans, so I called Expedia. They weren't trying to hear that, so I called Delta directly. I am happy I did. Not only was I able to change to better times on my flights, I got a $196 credit for the difference in the tickets. I'm so excited to see Daniel. I've missed him today since he's out showing his parents D.C. and has the day off from work. I'm going to cancel my plans with Kandie because she's been acting funky towards my mother and I don't appreciate that. I'm going to drive to Atlanta to see Rashaud, Kirk, and possibly Harry on Thursday. I think Rashaud is going to get Ryan Lee to come out with us, which is just WAY too much temptation for me. *Wicked smile*

So that is enough, I guess. I'm going to go do some apartment searching.

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